Awake to Love and the Divine Speaker Series Presents:

Eating Love

Dieting from Self-Judgment & Loving Yourself Healthy and Fit

Newbury Park, CA / Online








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A Brief Talk, Meditation, Process, Sharing and Community Tea

Sunday, July 14, 2:00 to 5:00 pm (Event 2pm-4pm, Tea 4-5pm) 

Introducing you to the concepts of: 
  • Exploring how to Work WITH your body to find your perfect weight and maintain it with grace and ease - regardless of eating plan or fitness program you choose (or don’t choose)
  • Learning how to know when your body has had enough to eat and to then stop eating
  • Clearing  and Healing unresolved issues (often unconscious ones)  that push you to eat past your point of fullness
  • Discovering if you may be holding weight as ‘protection’
  • Using Loving and kindness to maintain a healthy weight and fitness level rather than will power and judgment

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